passing: I never pass

In the trans community we often think of passing as the privilege of having the external world perceive/see you as the gender you are. Sometimes I am presumed to be male; most of the time I am presumed to be female. I am never presumed be to nonbinary. 

A transman can pass as a man because there are examples and expectations of how "men" are supposed to look and act surrounding us all the time. When someone matches those expectations, that person is often assumed to be a man. I've heard from other trans folks that passing as their authentic self is one of the most affirming experiences when aligning their gender identity, gender expression, and body. 

What does it even look like for a nonbinary person to pass as nonbinary? Sometimes I fear I will never experience this affirmation. There are so few examples of nonbinary voices and experiences in our society, that at times, I feel invisible. Concepts and images reflecting nonbinary gender identities must be present in our world for future generations to be affirmed and perceived in their authentic non-binary gender.