pave your own pathway to adulthood:

historically, we have taught youth that people assigned female at birth always grow up to be women and people assigned male at birth always grow up to be men. When I was young and thought about who I would be when I grew up, I definitely did not see your stereotypical woman or man. As my body began to change in adolescence, the messages I received from my family, society, and school let me know that womanhood was quickly coming my way- whether I wanted it to or not. I wish I knew I had options. After learning what it meant to be transgender and to transition, I felt an immediate urge to learn everything I could about gender. Though these words did not perfectly fit my experience, I intuitively knew I was on the right track. When we think of the word transition, we often think of going from one gender to the other. I know my gender to be a unique combination of both male and female…somewhere in the the middle on the gender spectrum. Most recently, I've been using the word alignment to describe my process of altering my hormones, body, and physical appearance to match how I feel on the inside. I’m not going from one to the other, I’m simply lining up my identity, body, and expression in the way that feels most authentic to me. This is my pathway to adulthood