the outside world may never see me the way I see myself

I put my efforts towards creating my own world within the world; a reality that has the desire to understand who I am and is able to affirm my existence as a trans nonbinary person. It’s amazing how often our society attempts to categorize and segregate us based on gender. Why is it so hard to move through the world without having gender roles, norms, and expectations assigned to you? Binary gender has become such an pervasive ideology in Western civilization that at times, it feels nearly impossible to escape. When I finally shared my nonbinary gender identity with those closest to me, I no longer felt I was constantly trying to escape others perceptions and assumptions. Their support, love, and desire to learn became a protective shield, securing a safe space where l can live and be seen as my authentic self. I no longer see this world within a world as an escape, but as a seed of change with the potential to influence all that surrounds it. So much is possible.