don't deny the worth or reality of your own experience 🙏

Some folks ask why I identify as #nonbinaryand not just a #transguy. For me, it’s about language. Language (and the lack thereof) played an incredibly big role in my inability to understand my gender for many years. I did’t have reflections of myself in the world nor did I have the words to articulate and make sense of who I am and how I feel. The only words I had were boy, girl, guy, man, woman. None of these terms (by themselves) could ever fully capture my experience, and simply putting "trans" in front of them doesn’t change that for me. Using binary language to describe the gender diversity #nonbinary folkx bring to the world only further perpetuates the erasure of nonbinary experiences. I will not allow my existence to be erased because language has not yet evolved to include everyone on the gender spectrum. 

Mere Abrams