I am both male and female. I am enough.

As a #nonbinary person, I am often told I am not #trans enough. I get direct and indirect messages from society that my gender and experiences aren't as valid or challenging because I don't identify within the binary. --//-- At a panel of trans and nonbinary youth there was a question asked that was incredibly triggering for me. Someone chose to use this space as to question why there weren’t any transfeminine individuals present. The posing of this question felt invalidating and dismissive of the femaleness and femininity that was present, and being so eloquently and vulnerably shared. The question is also an example of how easily the notion that nonbinary folks are not "trans enough” can be perpetuated. --//-- The question felt as if it suggested an assumption that those who identify within the binary cannot relate to or learn from the experiences of nonbinary folks. This is simply not true. --//-- The very feeling of not seeing yourself reflected in the world is something nonbinary people experience every single day. --//--