I do not need approval to be who I am

As I think back on the time when I was very confused and questioning my gender, I remember feeling as if I needed someone’s approval to be #transgender. I thought I needed a doctor or therapist or immediate family member to approve of my gender identity in order for it to become real…in order for me to begin living that life. My knowing who I was in my head and heart didn’t feel like enough. Little did I know, it was all I needed.

what I did not realize while questioning my gender is that no one but me has the ability to truly know/understand how I see myself. I also failed to realize I did not need anyone else’s approval to be the nonbinary trans person I know I am. I look back now and wonder when I would have begun living authentically if I had known I didn’t need anyone else’s approval to do so. I'm so glad I finally took that step on my own, bc if I hadn't, I may still be waiting for others to "get it".

Mere Abrams