if you have the choice, check your privilege 

some days I miss my long hair. what I don’t miss are all the things society assigned to me or assumed of me because of my long hair.

if someone has the choice to wear any hairstyle, clothes, and accessories/makeup without being mistaken for the wrong gender, that person has what is called passing privilege or cisgender privilege. 

it’s like society has rules that only those whose appearance fits nicely into the gender binary are able to play with gender expression without fear or harassment, discrimination, or jeopardizing their gender (maleness/femaleness or masculinity/femininity). As a  person who doesn't (often) have the world read me the way I identify, my gender expression is not something I can just play with. Most days it feels like a lifeline...my only way of outwardly communicating my authentic gender to society while also maintaining my happiness. I have to work so hard on a daily basis to have my masculinity and maleness accepted and seen. If you have the choice, you have the privilege. 

Mere Abrams