nothing belongs out of reach (even if it doesn't exist...yet)

before starting #testosterone, I did a ton of research on transition options for #nonbinary folks. Unfortunately there isn’t much out there. What I found out is that trans health care is kind of like the wild west. There are guidelines for care, but no hard fast rules. We are conditioned to think that doctors and medical professionals always have the answers. We go to them, share any issues/concerns, and assume they will know what’s best. Unfortunately that’s not always true…particularly when it comes to gender. 

the medical guidelines for trans care are based on binary notions of gender and hormone levels for those who want to pursue binary appearing bodies and secondary sex characteristics. When the way you identify doesn’t exclusively fit into the male or female box, and you pursue hormones, there is very little research or literature guiding medical professionals on how to proceed with treatment.

This is precisely why it was so important for me to talk with my doctor about how I see myself and my body. Together, we came up with a plan on how to move forward to achieve my goals and control/manage the changes I wasn’t ready for or didn’t want. While challenging, it was important for me to be conscious of my desperation to start hormones and not let that dictate the process. I am grateful I am taking the time to explore all the options. I’m customizing my alignment to fit exactly who I am.

Mere Abrams