nothing like starting off the holiday with some harassment

At the Oakland airport the Southwest Airlines check-in agent decided to tell me that my disability letter cannot refer to me using he/him pronouns if I have an "F" on my ID (even though the letter also clearly states my name and date of birth, which matches the name/date on my ID). I then informed him that I am transgender and use he/him as well as they/them pronouns. I tried to explain the difference between a gender pronoun and sex assigned a birth, but the agent wasn't open to listening. When I asked for a supervisor, the agent referred to me as ma'am and purposefully used she/her pronouns when reporting what happened. Then the supervisor apologized by saying the agent "didn't mean to offend me." 👿 Today I am grateful for those who choose to be informed, instead of those who choose to remain comfortable in their ignorance. 

Mere Abrams