we are all cast in a role, the part assigned to me just wasn't a fit

for me, understanding the impact of gender roles was one of the most confusing parts of figuring out my gender. Not only did the role assigned to me try to influence my character, but also who I was in relation to others. Where I grew up, the way you were supposed to dress, talk, and behave was very much determined by the sex assigned to you at birth-- when around someone of the "opposite" assigned sex, gender roles became even more rigid. This made navigating sexual orientation and attraction pretty challenging. My desire to play the role assigned to me well dictated so much of my life. I constantly wondered why I had to "try" harder than all the other girls to play the "girl" role. While the experiences I gained playing a girl will always be a part of me, I am happy to have expanded my repertoire beyond solely female roles.

Mere Abrams