when love transcends physical form 

Aligning my body and gender identity through #testosterone and #topsurgery with a partner who knew me before coming out as #nonbinary and #trans has its benefits and challenges. First off, neither the decision of surgery or hormones felt solely mine. I needed additional support and the changes that would result were going to directly impact another person. So many questions and fears raced through my head-- would she still be attracted to me? Would I be attracted to her? Would our intimacy change? Would my partner completely lose the soft feminine parts of me she loves so much? Would the physical/body changes shift how my partner saw me, or would she still see me as the queer cis tomboy I was when we met? There was so much unknown and comforting of others leading up to starting testosterone, at times it felt hard to be excited. Despite the fears, I knew this was the right thing for me. 

Fast forward almost two years and so much has changed. All the fears are gone and we now know that our love will remain true no matter what physical form we embody (plus she ended up being attracted to masculine parts of me she never imagined she would be beforehand 😆😉)

Mere Abrams